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Business Management & Administration

The business, management and administration career cluster can give you the business skills essential to efficient, productive operations for any company. Professional offices, law firms, and corporate headquarters require bookkeepers, administrative assistants, and office specialists to keep their operations running smoothly. As technology becomes more advanced and businesses grow, the need for staff with expertise in office administration and software is a valuable asset. People with great computer skills will be in demand.



One Semester 1 credit EPSO Grade 9-12

Prerequisite: none

This course is a required prerequisite for Advanced Computer Applications and a recommended prerequisite for

all other computer technology courses.

Students will use a variety of computer software and hardware tools; explore the social, business, and ethical issues of using computer technology; and develop skills in word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation applications. Students who complete this course have the opportunity to take an articulation exam for college credit.



One Semester 1 credit Grade 10-12

Prerequisite: Computer Applications with a C or better or had Advanced Computer Applications

Students will practice choosing and using appropriate tools for business communications with particular emphasis on electronic media. Though communications activities will have a business focus, all students who intend to continue in post-secondary education will benefit from practice in finding and validating electronic resources, using review and developer tools in Microsoft Word, and using electronic means of communication like email and blogs for professional purposes.



One Semester 1 credit EPSO Grade 10-12

Pre-requisite: Computer Applications with a C or better

Through project-based learning activities students will practice problem solving, leadership, and communication skills using integrated technologies. Students may choose areas of specialization and pursue industry certification in those areas.


Last Updated: February 4, 2022