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 What can I check out of the SH Library?

Students are able to check out books and graphing calculators. The library also distributes Chromebooks and textbooks. 

How many books can I check out?

You are allowed to have up to 5 books checked out at one time. You can keep these books for 2 weeks before they are due or need to be renewed. You are able to renew a book as many times as necessary. Fines for overdue books are 10 cents per day.

How do I get a Chromebook to keep while I am a student at SHHS?

As a student, in order to get a school-issued Chromebook, you and your parents/guardian will need to complete the Chromebook Usage Agreement online. Mrs. Timbs or a library staff member will check out the device and charger to you. There is no fee. Parents/Guardians must sign the User Contract prior to the device deployment. Please call the SHHS Main Office (423-232-2190) for specific times and more information.

As a new student at SHHS during the year, what do I need to do to get a Chromebook and textbooks?

As a new student, you may have an office/guidance worker walk you through your schedule, give you a quick tour of the school, and bring you by the library. If you have completed the online Chromebook User Agreement, a member of the library staff can check out the device and charger to you the same day. The agreement form is part of the Registration Paper work found online at You will also have a picture taken and your school ID made at the same time. You will be given your username, password, and instructions for using the Single Sign On Portal at when you come to the library. If you are enrolled in a class that uses a textbook checked out from the library, you will be given that as well.

When is the Topper Tech Team available?

Members of the Topper Tech Team are available each class period and during lunches in the library. You are free to see them during the school day, as available, (with a hall pass from your teacher), or during your lunch.

Could I join the Topper Tech Team?

If you are interested in becoming a member of the tech team, you should talk to the library staff, tech team, or your counselor. Each year, when registering for classes, T3 will be offered as a one-credit course. The course description can be found in the Program of Studies on the SHHS webpage. Applicants will be required to fill out an application, go through an interview process, and have maintained other necessary requirements including grade point average, attendance, and recommendation from former or current Science Hill teachers. For access to the requirements and application, come by the library for more information.

What if my Chromebook is not working?

First, check to see if your device is properly charged. There should be a red light that comes on to show it is charging. When the green light appears, the device is fully charged. When the battery is completely dead, it may take longer for the device to recharge. Also, because the device uses a smart charger, the cord should be removed from the outlet every 4-5 charges, in order for it to reactivate.

If the Chromebook still does not power on, press the power and refresh buttons. If nothing happens, bring the Chromebook to the library for tech team assistance.

If your Chromebook starts up with the message “OS MISSING,” bring the device to the library. Reinstallation of the operating system is necessary. If the problem persists, your device may be collected for repair by the technology department. If this occurs, you will be considered a DAY USER and can checkout a LOANER for the rest of the school day. The LOANER device will be available from 7:25 a.m. until 3 p.m., once you have signed the Day User Agreement. The late fee on a LOANER is $5.00 per day, with a cap at $25.00.

What do I do if my device becomes damaged?

If you find that you have a broken screen, missing keys, or other physical damage to the device, bring it to the library as soon as possible. The level of damage will be assessed as accidental or malicious and necessary repairs will be made. Broken screens are a common issue due to a number of factors, including but not limited to use without the case, closing the cover with pencil or ear buds on the keyboard, or shoving the device into an already-stuffed backpack. The first broken screen will be covered, but a second broken screen will cost the user $31.00. Other damage will be assessed on an individual basis.


Chromebook: $209.23
Screen: $31.00 (after the first screen break)
Keyboard: $70.00
Charging Cord: $32.00

There are a variety of other damage costs that are assessed by the JCS technicians. Payment for damages may be taken as cash or check (made payable to SHHS) in the library. You can also pay by credit card on the SHHS website. Just make sure to print your receipt number or snap a picture of it with your phone so we can take it off your account!!

What is a Chromebook Day User?

Day Users are considered to be students who do not take the device home each day or are currently having an item repaired. The LOANER devices are available at the library circulation desk. Prior to checking out a device, a Day User Agreement must be signed with a member of the library staff. Chromebooks must be checked out prior to first period and returned to the library by 3 p.m., each afternoon. The FINE for keeping a Day User/LOANER overnight is $5.00 per day. This amount will cap at $25.00 for the device. It is not the responsibility of the library staff to pick up LOANERS from a student’s classroom at the end of the day!

Who is allowed to check out Chromebook LOANERS?

Day User LOANERS are only available to students who do not have a device or have a device that is being repaired by Johnson City Schools Technology Department. If you have forgotten your Chromebook at home, you are not eligible to check out a Chromebook for your classes.

What happens if I lose my Chromebook or charger?

When you withdraw, transfer to another school, or graduate, you will be required to return your Chromebook and charger to the library. If you have lost the Chromebook, you will be responsible for the replacement value as determined by Johnson City Schools. Currently, the amount is $209.23

If you need to replace a missing charger, the cost is $32.00. Cash or check (made out to JC Schools) can be given to a member of the library staff, or credit card payment can be made online at the SHHS webpage. Please bring a printed copy of the receipt if you choose to pay online. Once payment has been made, you will be given a replacement charger. We cannot accept non school-issued chargers.

If you left your Chromebook somewhere in the school on accident, first check the Main Office, Attendance Office, and check with the custodians to see if it has been turned in to lost and found. Check in the library and with the tech team for any devices that have been returned as lost.

What if my Chromebook has been stolen?

Theft has been an issue on occassion. First, your parent/guardian will need to complete a police report on the stolen device. Once the report has been filed, bring a copy of the report to the library. At that point, you will either be given a new device or given privileges as a Day User.

What happens if I am caught not following the technology policy for the Johnson City School system?

The first offense is a conference with the administrative team. The second offense is to become a Day User. The third offense will cause the student to lose all technology privileges except for testing.

What if I have other questions not addressed here?

Stop by the library and see Mrs. Timbs, Ms. Hale, or check with a member of the Topper Tech Team.


Last Updated: September 1, 2023