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Welcome to Your Second Year!

Welcome to your second year at Science Hill. We hope by now have created some connections here at school, whether that is through a program like sports and/or clubs or even just made connections socially with your peers, teachers, and/or counselors. At this point in your high school career you should be making up your mind on what your focus area will be and begin to start looking more toward life after school.

TN Next Guide: 10th Grade

Important Links & Resources

  1. Major Clarity Career Assessment
  2. 10th Grade TN Next Guide


Family Engagement & Communications Coordinator
Ashley Turner-Moon

Communication Outlets:

  1. Monthly Newsletter
  2. Daily Announcements
  3. Bloomz - Sign Up Instructions can be found here (Eng) and here (Esp)
  4. PowerSchool Gradebook Portal
  5. Canvas Parent Observer

Last Updated: November 15, 2023