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Junior Checklist

  • Schedule a meeting with your counselor. Check and then recheck your graduation requirements. You are responsible for making sure you have everything completed! Keep your GPA up and take challenging classes. Colleges pay attention to these things!
  • Graduation requirements can be found in the student handbook (on the SHHS website). Info on Graduating with Honors, TN Scholars, and Distinction can be found in the handbook as well. You can go to their website at: for more info. You should also look over our bulletin boards regularly.
  • Failed a required class? You have 3 options:
  1. Retake class (old grade is replaced)
  2. Online class ($125 through Niswonger and old grade is replaced)
  3. Credit Recovery (offered after school, and during summer school in June – the highest grade possible is a D)
  • Every student must take the ACT in order to graduate! Every junior receives 1 free exam typically in March.We will announce how to sign up. You may take it sooner than this date, but you must pay for it or use a fee waiver voucher. We have free practice tests too. Sign up for the ACT at: and be sure to bring: admission ticket, photo ID, calculator, and pencils with you on the test date.
  • Begin visiting college websites and campuses now! Check out admission requirements, scholarship procedures, and deadlines. Schedule campus visits online. Take a transcript in case you meet with Financial Aid. You will begin applying to colleges in the fall of senior year. Scholarship deadlines are usually November or December of senior year but can vary, so do your research now!
  • All transcripts are now sent through Create an account on their website and submit your orders if you ever want to send your transcript/ACT to any college, organization, etc.
  • Scholarships usually come from three different sources:
  1. College website
  2. Scholarship websites (ex. or
  3. SHHS Sholarships Page
  • College athletics? Go to and create an account. See your counselor if you’re fee waiver. You MUST send the NCAA your ACT scores through the ACT website. See me w/questions.
  • Now is a good time to create a resume if you haven’t already. Google has great templates/examples.
  • Visit the SHHS website and Counselor website once a week. Also, make sure to check out our bulletin boards and message board across from counselor offices for info on meetings, scholarships, deadlines, etc.
  • Don’t forget about your community service hours! This is a great opportunity to strengthen your resume.
  • Participate in EPSO’s (Early Post Secondary Opportunities) as appropriate.
  • Pay attention to the Counseling bulletin board on the hallway across from our offices.
  • Need a one on one appointment? Go to either office and the secretary will assist you. Be sure to check your Canvas email regularly. Sign up for your class in Canvas if you haven’t.
  • Update credit check sheet_____Classes needed senior year _____Grades in current classes _____
  • Focus area _____ACT in March ____Comm Service ____ACT _____ AP Capstone___EPSO___




Last Updated: October 21, 2022