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HomeBase Videos


Science Hill High School has added a layer of support to the student body this year called HomeBase. HomeBase was designed to purposefully give space to discuss a various topics that students may benefit from like: Mental Health, Digital Citizenship, Graduation Requirements, and many more! 

As important as it is for our students to hear this information, we feel it is just as important to get this information out to the community as well. That is why we have created this page for you! Throughout the year as the HomeBase videos are posted for the students we will post them here for you as well. 


HomeBase 1: Mental Health 

To start the year off, Dr. Holly English spoke to the students about overall mental health. 



HomeBase 2: 

Below is a helpful PowerPoint that we used at the Senior Conference this year that goes right along with what Mr. Jarnigan talks about. Feel free to look at it while listening to this video.



HomeBase 3: 

Major Clarity Introduction Video 

TN Promise Walk Through 22.23

"Seeking Significance" at SHHS


Last Updated: September 29, 2022