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Internships offer the advantage of learning practical and theoretical aspects of a highly skilled profession while still in high school.

Internship programs combine on-the-job training and related classroom instruction under the supervision of a trade professional. Different industries offer internship programs, but usually offer:

  • On-the-job training and Job-related instruction

  • Some programs are paid internships while others are not

Types of Internship Opportunities

Industries that typically offer apprenticeship programs include:

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Health care

  • Information technology

  • Transportation

  • Energy

  • Other

How to Pursue This Pathway

The SHHS Career and Counseling office can assist you in getting ideas about starting Internship opportunities. Examples where you could begin an internship include:

  • Employers—a single business or a consortium of businesses

  • Union and non-union workplaces

  • Workforce intermediaries (i.e. labor organizations)

  • Community colleges and/or organizations

Next Steps

If an internship is a postsecondary option that interests you, consider taking the next steps:

  • Explore internship ideas - YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO THE IDEAS ON THIS PAGE!
    Meet with your counselor, teachers, family members and other advisors to create ideas and decide if an internship is right for you.

  • Contact Mr. Smith in the CTE Main office at to talk about various opportunities in the region.  

Current examples of Internship opportunities at SHHS

  • Mattern and Craig Engineering
  • Boone Lake Association
  • Johnson City Schools

For more information, contact Mr. Adrian Smith at:

Want to know more?

Contact Mr. Jarnigan or Mr. Smith to learn more about internships and work based learning opportunities!