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Step 2: Review Classes Offered

A great deal of time is invested in preparing the master schedule. Course offerings are selected to meet student interest and state requirements. Sometimes course requests exceed the number of sections possible; therefore, not everyone will receive the classes they choose so students must select alternates. Alternate courses are considered first before placing students in non-requested courses. Please take your time and make wise choices while picking course requests. Students will be held to the decisions made during the registration process, including class levels such as AP or Honors. Parents, now is the time to have input on which courses your student selects.

Open the Rising 9th Course List  and 9th Grade Online Courses form to view offered 9th grade classes and consider what you want to register for. Students will be asked at their 4-year plan meeting to select 8 primary classes and 3 alternates. Use the Program of Studies to read full course descriptions, examine various pathways, and identify a potential focus area. 

Note: Online Course forms will be accepted after your 4-year plan meeting.