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Step 1: Graduation Status

Listed below are the requirements to graduate with a Science Hill diploma. In addition to earning 28 credits and completing community service hours, all students enrolled in a Tennessee public school during their 11th grade year must take the ACT or SAT.  All students must also take and pass a United States Civics Test administered in the Government course.

Registration packets include personalized Graduation Status Reports to show the student's current progress towards meeting all requirements. Use the resource below for assistance on how to interpret the report. 

Graduation Requirements


 4 credits

 English 1, English 2, English 3, English 4 




 4 credits    

 Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Fourth higher level math course

 (Students must be enrolled in a math every year)   

 *Math credits earned prior to entering ninth grade may meet specific diploma   requirements but four additional math credits must be earned while in high   school and students must be enrolled in a math every year.


 3 credits

 Biology, Chemistry or Physics, Third science lab course 


 3 credits

 World History & Geography, US History & Geography, US Government &   Civics (1/2 credit) and Economics (1/2 credit)


 1 credit



 0.5 credit



 0.5 credit



 2 credits

 Two credits must be the same language 


 1 credit



 3 credits

 Includes three credits in any one of the following: Advanced Placement/Dual   Enrollment, Career and Technical Education program, Fine Arts, Human   Performance & Exercise Science, Humanities, JROTC, Math & Science  


 6 credits


40 Hours of Community Service Required 

Total credits required by TN: 22        Total credits required by Science Hill High School: 28