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Advanced Manufacturing

Welding is a critical skill needed for many jobs ranging from construction and manufacturing to metal art. Highly skilled welders are always in demand and those willing to travel, the possibilities are endless. Novice welders can expect to find many different opportunities in a wide range of fields including pipe welding and ironworking to just name a few. Experienced welders can find work in these areas as well as many other industries including agriculture, transportation, construction, shipbuilding, nuclear energy, aviation, and aerospace. A welder’s career opportunities expand by earning a degree from a technical school or college, and by their degree of knowledge and experience. Skills that make a good welder include: excellent hand-to-eye coordination, good fine motor skills, an inquisitive mind as to how things work and go together, patience and good communication skills.

Program of Study

Mechatronics Track

 Mechatronics  Principles of Manufacturing Digital Electronics Robotics & Automated Systems Work Based Learning: Mechatronics

CTE Student Organization: Skills USA

EPSO: FESTO Intro to Mechatronics, FESTO Intro to Exploring Electricity, FESTO Intro to Exploratory Electronics, FESTO Intro to Process Engineering


Welding Track

Welding Principles of Manufacturing Welding I Welding II Work Based Learning: Welding
CTE Student Organization: Skills USA



Last Updated: January 5, 2024